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The Point of Becoming Conscious

The Point of Becoming Conscious

As I write the title to this article, I can feel the spirit of Alan Watts frowning. “The point of becoming conscious? There is no “point” to doing a thing,”…

7 Obstacles to Mindfulness (and how to overcome them!)

I came onto the path of mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality when I was 16 years old. I saw the TV-series Ed where the main character started experimenting with lucid dreaming….

The 9 Key Components of Success

When most people talk about “success,” they’re often referring to outer things like money, title, and promotions.  But in reality, these outer accomplishments almost never bring a lasting sense of…

Why You Need To Increase Your Emotional IQ

Some people will promise you the world. They tell you that, if you just get their program or learn to be more positive, then you will be able to grow…