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Understanding the Victim-Perpetrator Shadow Dynamic

One very important aspect of working with the shadow comes from the work of Cliff Barry, who has separated the shadow into four different quadrants—four different aspects of the shadow—to…

Three Ways To Bring Your Shadow To Light

To work with the shadow, it is helpful to notice when it is most active. One of the ways to know that we are in the shadow terrain is to…

How Does Your Shadow Affect Your Reality?

One of the trickier pieces of working with ourselves and the realm of personal and spiritual development is working with our shadow, which comprises all of the elements of us…
Painting of a woman with long black hair adorned with colorful flowers. The woman gazes past the viewer, eyes open, mouth closed.

Claim Your Flaws, Become a Goddess

One of the things that I love about the Greek gods is that they are all incredibly flawed. Zeus was always jealous and (hypocritically) always a cheater. Hera was vengeful….