Corporate Programs

Trainings, Workshops, and Development for the People Who Make Your Company.

Companies that have healthy corporate cultures are the most innovative and relevant in their fields. This is no coincidence. Research shows that companies that invest in Leadership Development and Employee Engagement have higher profits, attract high-caliber talent, and retain their employees.

In the world of Business Development, more and more focus is honed in on the “whole person,” emotional intelligence, and soft-skills of leadership. Research shows that these areas are essential to effective leadership and engaged employees. We can no longer sideline the development of employees as “whole people” if we hope to create highly successful and profitable business.

When organizations pay attention to the entire individual, their company attracts and retains the right talent, spurs increased innovation, enhances productivity and decreases costs.

“I can’t think of a more skilled, compassionate,
and intelligent person to lead a program like this.
Dr. Kate leads with integrity and grace.”
Kate / Brooklyn, NY
“I’m amazed at the growth that takes place in a short time.
my leadership skills are constantly improving.
my staff, family, and friends all notice a difference in me.”
kerri anderson / healing in harmony wellness center