Leadership Development

Leadership Development


Research shows that when organizations invest in Leadership Development they increase their profits, attract higher caliber talent, and retain their employees. Because of this, the best organizations work to understand how they can use leadership development skills to strengthen their business.

More often than not, new leaders do not possess the leadership skills they need to create a thriving business.

Our Leadership Development Programs train people in effective and innovative forms of leadership that reduce expenses, increase profits, retain employees, and foster creativity. We help create an integrity-based environment in which leaders get clear about how to realize previously unimagined futures.

Our Leadership Development Program is a 5 segment program that can adapt to your organization’s needs. Training Segments include Self-Assessment and Personal Development, Communication Styles and Skills, Diversity Awareness and Inclusion, Employee Engagement, and Creativity and Innovation.

Our Leadership Development Programs are designed to help leaders and organizations dedicated to making a positive social impact, creating optimal work environments, and maximizing their profits. It provides assessments, skills training, and leadership coaching to help your organization achieve exceptional results.

Core Principles of our Leadership Model:

  • We act as catalysts. We question your self-imposed limits and break through what stops you from realizing your highest aspirations as individuals and as an organization. Even though we challenge barriers, we always do so in a spirit of mutual respect, trust and safety.
  • We partner with you in a process of listening, inquiry, assessment and feedback designed so that you discover the answers that best serve you and your organization.
  • We understand profit as an outcome, not a goal unto itself. Profit results from doing a number of things right, starting with treating people with respect. We help our clients create holistically successful, exceptional and profitable organizations.
  • Workplace identity and ethic starts with leadership. Leaders that participate in our programs show courage of conviction. They model integrity, and in turn, they encourage others to do the same.
  • Leaders trained in our program bring out the best in people. They ignite passion by inviting team members’ contributions. This unbridled energy makes them employers of choice.
  • Improving how people work is a critical performance lever. Engaging environments implement systems and processes that humanize, not de-humanize – making it easy to get the job done.
  • Employees yearn for meaningful work and they will go where they find it. No more are there ten people behind each who leaves. Leadership matters.

Participants will be able to:

  • Establish trust and credibility as a leader
  • Communicate and listen effectively
  • More adeptly solve problems
  • Provide authentic, impactful, leadership
  • Realize increased profits
  • Create a resilient, adaptive, and effective work environment
  • Attract and retain the best talent
  • Be more creative and cultivate a more innovative work environment

Workshop Topics Include

  • Self Assessment and Awareness Development
  • Communication Styles and Skills
  • Diversity Awareness and Issues
  • Team Development
  • Leadership Tools for Creativity and Innovation

Individual workshops on the above topics are available for organizations that are looking for in-house leadership training for their employees and managers.


About Us:

Jorge Rico MA, Organizational Development. Training Lead for Diversity, Inclusion, and Team Development. Jorge Rico is a Human Resources and Talent Acquisition professional with 20+ years of experience in start-up, small, medium organizations, as well as, several large multinational corporate environments. Jorge has served as a trusted business partner to senior leaders in a wide range of organizations and industries. Jorge has served as the senior HR Leader in Health & Human Services, International Non-Governmental Organization, Corporate Retail, Global Engineering & Environmental Consulting, Insurance, Financial and Legal fields. His work has required him to work and travel extensively throughout the US and Latin America.

Jorge has expertise in Human Resources Management and Organizational Development practices that include, but are not limited to the following areas: Leadership Development Training and Executive Consultation; Team Building & Communication Training; Recruitment and Selection programs; Diversity & Inclusion; Employee Engagement; US and International Employment Law & Legal Compliance.

Kate Siner Ph.D, Psychology. Training Lead Awareness, Communication, and Innovation. Dr. Kate Siner is and expert facilitator who provides world-class training in leadership development to organizations and their leaders who want to achieve unprecedented levels of success while creating businesses that have a positive impact. Dr. Kate Siner attained a Ph.D in Psychology in 2008 and her studies have included, group dynamics, communication, personal development, transformational coaching, and social change. She started a leadership training program for women in 2010 and has been teaching leadership skills to individuals and business owners ever since.

Dr. Kate Siner has been on NBC, ABC, Fox, and other major network affiliates speaking on fulfillment and success. She’s been featured and quoted in numerous journals, magazines, and online resources, and hosts her own radio show “Real Answers” each week. She’s a winner of the “2015 Women Entrepreneur to Watch Award” from the Rhode Island Small Business Journal and has spoken on WPRO, MIX Talk of the Town, Consciousness Network, and TalkStream Radio.

“I trust myself more
and recognize I have something to offer!”
Gretchen Kainz / Washington, DC
“I know in my gut that I have the foundational skills for
to be a leader and to use my personal power
whatever change I wish to see in the world.”
Lushanya E. / Phoenix, AZ
“Kate’s teachings are a deep and refreshing well.”
for teachers, healers, and leaders.”
Lisa W. / Brookline, MA
“This program fueled my hunger to learn more
and to better understand how women are leading change
and what a difference we are making.”
Tiffany Gray / Boston, MA
Dr. Kate is great.”
Kate N. / Brooklyn, NY