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“Happiness is not a reward; it is a consequence.” – Robert Ingersoll

If you are looking for a more fulfilling life and it has seemed to elude you, this book is full of practical tools and supportive wisdom. While it is a self-help book designed to make your life better, this book reminds you that your life is only going to get better if you (and others) make an effort to make everyone’s lives better. To do this, you need to become self-aware to understand your impact, make efforts to see rather than negate your connection to all things, and take action in the world in a way that makes a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Fulfillment is found where we are able to love deeply and where we have a deep respect for ourselves and others. Fulfillment isn’t even necessarily achieving any of these things – it is simply the willingness to do our best. Our willingness to dig deep, change ourselves and change the world. To step into our fulfillment we need the right tools.

Real Answers provides over 100 simple, down-to-earth solutions that will help you cultivate this level of fulfillment. Be happy inside your own skin, feel connected to others, and confidently navigate your path.

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“Dr. Kate gives step-by-step guidance to create
lasting change in your life. which will have you living a life of
greater fulfillment, purpose and joy.”
Belinda Pruyne  /  Business Innovation Group