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Service Based Business Webinar

Learn the Secrets of Successful Practitioners: 5 Essential Ingredients that Can Help You Build a Thriving Business you Love instead of a Practice You Don’t.

‘5 Essentials for Success’ Webinar

Cost: Free
Where: Virtual Online Classroom
When: October 22nd at 8pm EST

Are you a healthcare practitioner or other service professional looking for ways to expand and improve your business? Service providers and private practitioners have specific and unique needs when running a success practice and business. Because of this, many of the business development tools that are available are not as helpful as they could be. This coupled with the fact that practitioners often have little to no training in business set many practitioners up to struggle or not be as successful as they could be. This does not need to be the case.

My upcoming webinar, October 22nd at 8pm EST, will teach you 5 essential ingredients that you need to know to succeed in private practice on your own terms. Learn what successful practitioners in private practice know that others, who don’t succeed, don’t.

Just sign up now and we will send you all the information that you need to join me on this virtual class. I’m looking forward to seeing you there and giving you information that will be totally game changing!

Free Webinar: October 22nd at 8pm

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