Healer Training

Integrative Healer Training


Whether your call to healing started decades ago or more recently, this program will help you grow your work, intensify your understanding of healing, and strengthen both its impact and its effectiveness.

Drawing on over two decades of study of the Healing Arts the Integrative Healer Training with Dr.Kate is designed to give you individualized training and advanced mentoring so that you can be profoundly effective and successful at the work that is your hearts calling.

This training includes:

  • Private Apprenticeship Design Intensive – Direct one to one program development crafted to fit your unique needs and learning style.
  • 4 three-day in-person intensive trainings – Practice your craft, study new methods, explore the world of healing all with growth-inducing feedback and engaging experiential learning.
  • Peer Healing Sessions – Work with your peers to share support and grow toward mutual excellence.
  • Self study – Explore the that vast methodologies of healing to find your specific passion or just focus on developing what you know you love through individually crafted self study.
  • Virtual Classes and Checkins – Expand your knowledge and say connected with virtual classes and check-ins.

What inspired this Training

  • You are Unique While we share many experiences and commonalities, healers have their own unique way of practicing their craft. Cookie-cutter methods are less effective in creating maximum healing and overall success.
  • 20 Plus Years of Experience Dr. Kate offers you an extensive and wide range of knowledge and wisdom that can only come with her 20 plus years of experience in many healing modalities as well as a deep passion for healing and a profound dedication for making a difference in the world.
  • Life Changing Personal Development. Healer heal thyself. The foundation of effective healership is our own healing. This training masterfully guides you on a path of personal discovery so that you can strengthen the foundations of your practice.

This program is available through application only and requires either the completion of the Integrative Coaching Training or its equivalent. Please apply here

“Thank you for helping me
get into the driver’s seat of my life.”
Karin Green / Founder Shadow Wisdom
“Working with Kate has helped me see
both what I want and how to get there.
It’s helping me change my life to exactly what I want..”
Rachel Fields
“Thank you
for bringing me to a world
beyond mediocrity..”