Healing Intensive

Individual Ceremonial Healing Intensive

We all need a sacred space to heal…

a place where we can go to get wisdom, guidance, and support for our transformation, a place that nourishes and nurtures our soul and spirit.

There are times in our lives when this becomes an imperative, when we are looking to breakthrough a major block or navigate an intensive period of transformation and want to dive deep beyond what we access in our everyday.

Designed for the spiritual seeker, personal development devotee, and those others who are looking for a profound experience of transformation, an individual ceremonial healing intensive will support you with connecting to the soul of your intention, restoring the life force needed to manifest it, and intensifying your capacity to step confidently onto the edge of the change that awaits you.

The Individual Ceremonial Healing Intensive is a modern version of ancient esoteric healing practices, which incorporates both ancient wisdom and modern approaches to create a profound healing experience that will change your life.

This is a deep and holistic dive into your personal and professional transformation.

This is ideal for you if…

  • You want to make a major shift in your life.
  • You feel stuck and unable to create what you want.
  • You are in need of deep physical and/or emotional healing.
  • You want to be clear to manifest a big intention.
  • You want to open to love, abundance, or creativity.
  • You are looking to clarify your purpose.
  • You are seeking to intensify your spiritual connection
  • You are depleted and in need of deep restoration.


  • While all intensives are unique each follows the same basic format over one or more days.
  • Intention: Prior to the intensive you will be asked to clarify an intention for the work. This intention will be stated at the beginning of the session.
  • Inquiry: The nature of the problem will be processed and root causes will be uncovered to aid the direction of the work.
  • Healing: A custom designed integrative healing approach will be used to create a permanent shift in your way of being.
  • Integration: Discussion and journaling to further clarify the transformational process and next steps.

Intensive Components

  • Shamanic Techniques
  • Mental and Emotional Release (MER)
  • Bodywork
  • Creative Process
  • Ritual
  • Mentoring
  • Energywork
  • Other integrative approaches

This deep and profoundly transformational work integrates Dr. Kate’s 20 plus years of study in personal development and healing and provides a richness and effectiveness that is rarely seen in other types of personal development work.


Let’s set up a consult call so that I can answer them for you and we can make sure this is the right step for you right now. There is a $50 charge for the call that will be deducted from your program should you decide to sign up.

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