Helping you achieve your big dreams, know your hearts desire and live with a sense of fulfillment.

Perhaps, you have been successful but are not happy with your relationships or your self care. Maybe, you are longing to know how to unleash your deeper potential. Or, perhaps, you feel you don’t know how to live a happy life. No matter what your challenge, the solution is YOU.

The Mentoring with Dr. Kate offers high-level personal development sessions designed to make you aware of the root of your problem, give you powerful tools for transformation, and then support you as you grow. Mentoring clients quickly see life-changing, positive results.

  • Have healthy, happy, and satisfying relationships.
  • Be more successful and effective in your work in the world.
  • Have a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Balance your work life and your personal life.
  • Live the life you have always wanted for yourself.
  • Step confidently into your power.

In the end, what really matters boils down to three simple questions: “Did I live fully?,” “Did I love fully?,” and “Did I make a difference?” Being financially successful is only one part of how to live a happy life. We need to love what we do, spend quality time with our family and friends, and be able to really appreciate it all. It is so easy to go through life unhappy and holding onto the past. Most of us don’t see the connection between this and our overall success in life. Who you are in every moment of your life matters.

Imagine this:

  • You need a two-hour session to work on relationships with your partner; you can have it.
  • You need a four-hour intensive to create a plan for the upcoming year;you can have it.
  • You see a major issue coming up and you want regular sessions;you can have that, too.


  • One 3-hour kick-off VIP Day so you can set goals, make a plan and start off with a BANG!
  • Three hours per month of private sessions to be used in whatever way you wish
  • Ongoing email access to get your questions answered
  • Free participation in the LifeWork Virtual.
  • Email access
  • Emergency Calls

My Mentoring integrates multiple methods from therapy, life coaching, and healing methods in a holistic perspective. Drawing on my over 20 years of training, as well as the wisdom I have gained through my personal triumphs over tragedies, I help you learn how to live a happy life.

Using that wide-ranging perspective, Mentoring is a powerful personal development tool that uncovers and releases old patterns, increases awareness, and fosters personal and professional change — while working within the unique character and learning styles of each client. Mentoring sessions are based on the theory that deep change cannot be effected by talking alone. Sessions emphasize awareness of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions, promoting understanding and deep personal change.

This program is not for everyone. People who work with me in my Mentoring program are committed to their own growth, capable of showing up to the process, dedicated to looking deep within, and ready to make changes they need to make in their lives to be what they know, deep down inside, that they can be.

Since I only take on a small number of private clients each year, spots require an application. Please let us know when you sign up for your consult that you are interested in mentoring so that we can get you the appropriate information.

This program is for you, if:

  • You are not as happy as you would like to be.
  • You frequently have issues of confidence or are overwhelmed by stress.
  • Your work life is on track but your personal life is a bit of a disaster.
  • You want to be more skillful in the way you handle relationships.
  • You do not have what you want and it is not for lack of information.
  • You want to reach your full potential and know something is holding you back
  • You want to be the best person you can be.

But even more than any of these common experiences, you are looking for a highly-skilled guide to help you step into your full-potential because you believe in striving to be your personal best.

“Working with Dr. Kate has changed my life. You only have
to be open to the change that will occur,”
and it will.
Mac M. / Providence, RI
“I’m amazed at the growth that takes place in a short time.
my leadership skills are constantly improving.
my staff, family, and friends all notice a difference in me.”
kerri anderson / healing in harmony wellness center
“Kate Siner is one of the brightest stars in my own world.
She is deeply committed, courageously trailblazing.”
and brilliantly strategic.
ALisa Starkweather / co-founder of Women in Power; Initiating Ourselves to the Predator Within