Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Deep Healing, Masterful Guidance, Profound Transformation.

Guidance and support navigating the complex waters of life can provide ease in troubled times, clarity during times of transition, and healing that allows us to embrace our full self.

Who you are in every moment of your life matters.

Drawing on over 20 years of study and practice in personal development and spiritual transformation (Read more about me here), I offer mentoring and guidance to individuals and couples worldwide, via phone and Zoom. Private sessions provide a unique opportunity to discuss any aspect of your life experience, gain valuable insight, and facilitate personal transformation.

In the end, what really matters for those on a path of personal transformation are the answers to three simple questions: “Did I live fully?,” “Did I love fully?,” and “Did I make a difference?”

However, answering these questions is not so simple. We can find ourselves overcome by the challenges of the trials of life, or uncertain how to reach an experience to which we aspire. We learn that to truly step into our potential we need both partners on the path and guides to help us to the next level. We learn that a well spent hour can save us weeks, months, and even years of suffering.

Private sessions offer masterful guidance, regardless of where you find yourself in your personal or spiritual development.

    A sample of how prior clients have used their sessions:

  • Deepening spiritual understanding and establishing spiritual practices.
  • Reintegrating aspects of the self.
  • Strengthening self-love and/or the ability to love others.
  • Transforming limiting beliefs and negative emotions.
  • Clarifying their life’s mission or establishing their work.
  • Integration after and intense life event, immersive workshop, or spiritual ceremony.
  • Developing and fine-tuning their craft.

A limited number of spots are available and book very quickly. Click HERE to schedule. Payment in full is expected at the time of booking.

My question for you is: Are you ready to be free?

“Working with Dr. Kate has changed my life. You only have
to be open to the change that will occur,”
and it will.
Mac M. / Providence, RI
“I’m amazed at the growth that takes place in a short time.
my leadership skills are constantly improving.
my staff, family, and friends all notice a difference in me.”
kerri anderson / healing in harmony wellness center
“Kate Siner is one of the brightest stars in my own world.
She is deeply committed, courageously trailblazing.”
and brilliantly strategic.
ALisa Starkweather / co-founder of Women in Power; Initiating Ourselves to the Predator Within