In Person Group Programs

In Person, Group, Personal Development Programs

Effective tools for personal transformation.

People sometimes think they are supposed to automatically know how to create a fulfilling life, meaningful work, or a successful relationship. Or, even just the fundamentals of how to be truly happy. But, we are not taught anything about this! In fact, we are often taught to do the opposite of what will get us what we want. My LifeWork Community Personal Development Program and my Group Healing Intensives provide you with a powerful environment to transform your life inside and out.

“I can’t think of a more skilled, compassionate,
and intelligent person to lead a program like this.
Dr. Kate leads with integrity and grace.”
Kate / Brooklyn, NY
“i’m amazed at the growth that takes place in a short time.
my leadership skills are constantly improving.
my staff, family, and friends all notice a difference in me.”
kerri anderson / healing in harmony wellness center