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The Power of You: Find Your Personal Power

Find your personal power and help create a better world.

The Power of You: How to Overcome Despair and Thrive

If you are like most people, you may not realize that your standards for your own happiness and self-care are not serving you because they are too low. We are all indoctrinated into accepting culturally defined standards for our own well-being and sense of personal power. These standards become the backdrop of our life and they inform what we tolerate from others and how we make our decisions. Yet, they don’t necessarily align with what we want or need. In this powerful online presentation, Dr. Kate helps you claim more of your personal power and take life-changing action to see positive change in yourself, both inside and out.

In this workshop you will learn and/or practice:

    Ways you have unknowingly settled or given up in life.
    Fundamental ways that you have been holding yourself back.
    Signs that it is time to up-level your happiness standards.
    What you can do right away to leave negativity behind.
    How to get on your own side and love yourself more.

After attending this workshop, you will:

    Have a clear sense of the areas in your life where you have been settling for less.
    Have tools to keep yourself healthier and happier.
    Have a better understanding of how to overcome life’s obstacles.
    Feel more personal power.
    Feel more self-acceptance and self-love.

The Power of You: How to Overcome Despair and Thrive

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