10 Questions to Help You Create Your Ideal Work-Life

How you answer these questions will reveal the impact your work has on you, your community, and your world.

    1. As a result my work, was anyone harmed or made unhealthy?

    2. As a result of my work, was anyone diminished?

    3. To do my work, was anyone required to earn less than they ought to, expose themselves to negative work environments or unhealthy work conditions?

    4. Through my work, are the contracts I make with others mutually respectful?

    5. Is there an excessive/harmful gap between my earnings and those who help me earn them, or the reverse?

    6. Does you work have a negative effect on your mind or heart?

    7. Is my work perfectly aligned with who I am? Do I love what I do, am I good at it and does it fill me with a sense of meaning?

    8. Does my work afford me the ability to work on other things that are important to me?

    9. Do I do my work for free leaving myself uncared for?

    10. Do I over or under-perform my work? Is my effort in balance?

Give yourself 1 point for every statement you responded “no” to:

8-12 Knocking it out of the park!

    You likely have created work for yourself that has both a positive effect on you and others! Keep honing it from here – there is always room for growth.

4-7 Figuring it out.

    Seems there might still be some work for you to do with regards to your Right Livelihood. What is one change that you might make now to head in the right direction?

1-3 Feeling the Burn.

    It’s very likely that the way you are working right now is harming you and others. This could be affecting you more than your realize. Is it time to start making changes?

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2 comments on “10 Questions to Help You Create Your Ideal Work-Life
  1. Harish says:

    Wow! Nice questions. I read and reread through them because they were quite thought provoking. I like it that the questions take you from one end of the spectrum of creating value for others and then all the way to respecting the self and creating value for the self. This balance can be difficult to achieve but very rewarding. I think that when we come from a place of self-love and respect, we can value our work while realizing that others deserve to be respected and valued for theirs.
    Thanks Dr. Kate!

  2. kazi sajjad says:

    Hi Dr. Kate,

    Most of us do our work only for get money and i do not give importance on other relevant element of our work which is also necessary to make our self happy and give us a peaceful life. Ultimately we do not do our best in our work because it is not depend upon on the comprehensive life issues which you mention in your nice article. Thanks for your great and informative article.

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