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Why is Finding Your Purpose So Important?

Why is Finding Your Purpose So Important?

Ever wonder, “Why is finding your purpose so important?” It seems like it requires a lot of effort (all that personal development work ), time (all those hours spent doing that personal development work), and even money (you probably pay someone to guide you in your work). So, is it worth it?

Well, yes.

There are two ways to go through life: We can strive to be conscious of our purpose and pursue it, or we can leave that call unanswered. When we choose to be more conscious, we live the same peaks and valleys of life as everyone else, but we experience them differently. The peaks and valleys in the life of a conscious person inform them, strengthen them, and ultimately lead them to greater well being.

If we live an unconscious life, without purpose, life just happens to us.

“Finding your Life Purpose means that you feel good with the way that you are situated in the world and your actions in it have a sense of meaning to you. It does not mean that you have suddenly discovered that you are going to be the person to cure cancer (although that is a possibility). Our purpose is, more often than not, not one act or one career, but a greater sense that our inside self and our outer life are in alignment.” [Excerpt from 4 Giant Ways Your Life Changes When You Find Your Purpose]

Why is finding your purpose so Important? Here are 7 Reasons Why:

1. Meaning: Finding your life purpose creates a sense of meaning in your life. You know what you love to do, what you are good at, and how you can contribute to the world.

2. Place: Finding a sense of meaning to life gives you a sense of place. When you have found your purpose, it is easier to know where you belong. You also gain an understanding of the environments and communities that you benefit from connecting with.

3. Choice: When you know your life purpose you are more easily able to exercise choice in each moment of your life. You know better whether a situation or person really fits in your life because you know why you are here and what you want to do.

4. Sense of self: Knowing your life purpose gives you a clearer sense of who you are. It is as if you have distilled your life down to its essence by connecting with your purpose.

5. Ease: Believe it or not, knowing your purpose makes life easier. You know what to pay attention to and what is less important. You spend less time and energy caught up on the things that don’t really have impact.

6. Positive Impact: Knowing your purpose allows you to have a much greater impact on the world. Your purpose allows you to have the most profound impact – but only if you actually live it. Find your purpose and help contribute to a better world.

7. Confidence: When you know your life purpose you are more confident. You know that you are here for a reason and that your contribution counts. Be confident in the knowledge that we ALL have a purpose, whether we have found it yet or not.

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How to Revive Yourself Spiritually When You Feel Completely Depleted

How to Revive Yourself Spiritually When You Feel Completely Depleted

Do you know how to revive yourself spiritually? If you are feeling depleted, you might be feeling disconnected and disempowered. Moving on from a state of disconnection and disempowerment is easiest when you have treated yourself well during your times of connection and empowerment. It is simple matter of learning the tricks – like how to revive yourself spiritually – and practicing them, so they are ready to go when you need them.

There are many ways to revive yourself when you are feeling depleted, but taking the spiritual route is one of my favorites. Connecting with your spirituality allows you to quickly access a strong, internal power source and bring your focus to what is most important for you. Strengthening this direct line to your inner core is a great way to decrease your “revival time” when you are feeling depleted.

It is important to remember that spirituality is a process more than a goal. Sometimes, even if you know how to revive yourself spirituality, the reality of feeling totally depleted and overwhelmed can make it hard to put this into action. If you find yourself in such a situation, try these easy steps to revive yourself spiritually, even when you’re feeling totally depleted.

Pause: Even on the day-to-day, it is virtually impossible to connect in a deeper way when each moment is filled with activity or our minds are filled with constant clutter. When we become really depleted, this activity and clutter can become so overwhelming that we become unable to make good decisions. The best thing we can do is hit the pause button. If you are doing too much – stop. Take a day, an hour, or even 5 minutes off. The longer the better. If your mind is racing – stop. Use prayer, meditation, or even self-hypnosis to give yourself a break from yourself. P.S. Do yourself the favor of not believing the lie that you “can’t afford to pause.”

Breathe: It has been scientifically proven that changing our breathing helps us relax. Relaxation –the movement out of our usual readiness for fight or flight—is essential to our having higher level experiences, such as spiritual ones. By remembering our breath, we are that much more likely to benefit from the pauses that we take. Yogic practices show us that we can use the breath to move energy and open certain centers of the body. This can help us reconnect with our spiritual sense of things, opening our access to this internal power source.

Do something small: It can seem like a drop in the bucket, but if we are longing for spiritual connection, we benefit from doing something right in that moment. Too often we get preoccupied with chasing larger spiritual experiences and forget that every little thing we do is helpful. Put up a picture that reminds you of your spiritual connection, say a quick prayer, or read something inspiring. It does not matter what it is, but only that you do it. Then keep at it as much as you can. These small efforts compound into large pushes in your spiritual development.

Reconnecting with your spiritual self is a challenge in and of itself, but the work pays off when you know how to revive yourself spiritually, even when you feel completely depleted. By practicing pausing, breathing, and doing something small to connect with your spirituality, you will strengthen this connection, preparing you for a final step:

Start or resume your daily practice: If you are recovering from a period of being off-track or down, the first thing that I recommend that you add back into your life is your daily practice. We’re talking the cornerstone of your spiritual connection. This can be prayer, meditation, attending service, or whatever feels right to you. It is best if you do not make it too long and complicated, especially at first. Try starting with 5 minutes each day. Better to tackle 5 minutes than to plan for 1 hour and not get anything done at all. Little steps are still steps in the right direction!

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What You Need to Know About Setting An Intention for Love

What You Need to Know About Setting An Intention for Love

L. O. V. E. Four simple letters that spell a very BIG word. Even the most eloquent of us, from John Keats to Carrie Bradshaw, have stumbled over words as big as LOVE. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all set an intention for love in hopes of avoiding these stumbles. Whether we are entering into new relationships, or refreshing old ones, we have a vision of what they will be. We might want to set the course in a new direction, or bring in someone who does not replicate the problematic situations of previous relationships. Whatever the specifics of our intention for love, it is a focus on what is important to us now and what we want to experience in the future.

Intentionality is an important practice that, with understanding and dedication, can bring beneficial change to our lives. For one thing, intentions take work. We do not just wish things into being. We set an intention, and then we identify and practice the things that will support that intention. For another, it is important to practice intention without attachment. Intention without attachment means creating and holding an intention without becoming attached to a specific manifestation of the outcome of that intention. Setting an intention for love is no different.

What you need to know about setting an intention for love is that you will still stumble in love (or out of it) despite your best intentions, and that’s ok.

No amount of intention for love will save us from seeing what we need to see and learning what we need to learn, through relationship. No matter how awkward or painful, some lessons are only learned through experience. And that’s just the way it is. The best thing you can do is learn how to be more loving with yourself and others so that, whether or not your intention for love manifests, you can be in relationship with clarity, understanding, and conviction.

If you are ready to open yourself up to bring love into your life, you should be happy and proud of your assuredness in doing so. Know that Love is a journey, not a destination, and use these reminders to help you set your intention for love.


Be clear: I can’t tell you how many people I have heard say, “I made a list of exactly what I wanted in a partner and I met him/her! It is uncanny how he/she is everything on the list.” It is true that if you are clear about what you want, you will find it. So, go ahead! Make your list, and make sure it includes everything you can think of that you want.

Open to more: The flip-side to the list exercise is the reality that we don’t know what we don’t know. Your most detailed list of the traits you know you want in a partner won’t include the traits you didn’t think of – which might be wonderful – or the traits you’ve never encountered – which might be challenging. We want to be open to what is in our highest and best interest, regardless of whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

Hold onto the feeling:The best way to stay on track with an intention is to connect with the feeling that is associated with this intention. By connecting and reconnecting with this feeling, we are strengthening our process and intensifying our result. If we become doubtful or hopeless, it is this feeling that will help us stay the course.

Get rid of the baggage: It is hard to get something you do not feel like you deserve. If you have unresolved emotions or negative beliefs that are holding you back from being free and clear to get what you want, I suggest you do what is necessary to get them out of the way. A Breakthrough session with me can be helpful in this regard. However, you want to pay attention to when and where negative emotions and beliefs show up after you set your intention. This will help you open and receive what you truly want.

Remain unattached: To get what you really want you can’t get sidetracked by everything that is almost what you want. This means that when presented with an option that falls short, you acknowledge the shortcoming and let it go, holding your intention for what you truly want. It also means that when something comes your way, you both accept that it might be what you are truly looking for and give it the space and time to be what it truly is.

Learn to receive: We can be as intentional as we can be, but unless we learn to receive, our intention will not come to fruition. Receiving is an art that can be practiced. If you think that you might be challenged in this area, then start small. Start receiving compliments, gifts, and well-wishes as completely as you can. This practice will help you get more of whatever you want in your life, including love.

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