FREE WEBINAR: 4 Coaching Skills You Can Use Every Day to Transform Stress



We all know that at this moment in time there is more stress and more people needing support than ever before. 

These uncertain times create a need for skillful support and learning to coach is a great place to start.   It helps you get started helping others and it helps you at the same time.

Right now, you might, like many people, be looking for ways to work that feels more fulfilling. 

Coaching is that for many people.

The number one comment I hear from people who are learning to coach is how rewarding it is -beyond what they expected.

During these times of increased stress and change, you might also be called to offer support but wonder how to get started. Whether you choose to work with people professionally or not, coaching skills can help you help others -and yourself- each day.

Regardless of why you are curious about coaching or why you are interested in being able to help other more this live free webinar with Dr. Kate will teach 4 coaching skills that you can use to support yourself and others through the challenges and uncertainty of our current time as well as help you see whether now might be a good time to study coaching.


  • 4 Skills you can use to help yourself and others right now.
  • How and when to use these skills for maximum benefit.
  • A stronger sense of your natural gifts.
  • A deeper understanding of whether helping others in this way is the right path for you.

In this one hour free webinar,  learn how Dr. Kate and her former students have applied the skills they learned as Coaches to better their everyday lives and transform challenges.  Dr. Kate will share how she uses coaching skills in her work and how you can use them in all aspects of your life.

“I think now is a powerful time to learn coaching skills. I think that we will be needing them more than ever as we face all of the changes ahead of us.”