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About Kate Siner

Kate Siner Ph.D is a lifelong student of healing, born with strong intuition, a love of adventure, and a deeply caring nature. She started reading her first books on psychology and spirituality at fifteen years old. Since then, Kate has dedicated her life to understanding the human experience and how she can best help others to live the truth of who they are. 

Kate uses her diverse knowledge, advanced skill set, and expertise in myriad healing modalities to help seekers to transform their limitations, see their greatness, and step into the full expression of their being. She has inspired many students to share the healing they received with those in need.

As a result, much of Kate’s work supports healers, practitioners, and other helpers in the fields of spiritual development and personal transformation to develop their skills and become who they need to be follow their calling.

Since she read her first books on psychology and spirituality at age fifteen, Kate Siner Ph.D has dedicated her life to understanding how people evolve and learning how she can best help others live the truth of who they are. A lifelong student of healing and spirituality Kate’s passion is helping you transform your limitations, see your greatness, and step into a fuller expression of your being.

Her diverse knowledge, skill set, and expertise in myriad healing modalities allows her to craft an approach that is precisely what you need, as you need it—her work can become an invaluable resource as you expand your awareness and capacity in all areas of your life.

With a PhD in Psychology and over two decades of experience and training married to a rich personal story, Kate is the perfect combination of accredited book smarts, “real life” learning, and spiritual wisdom. Because of this, she has facilitated transformation and healing for thousands of people around the world.

In addition to her direct one-to-one personal mentoring and healing work, Kate helps healers, practitioners and other helpers in the field of transformation grow their work, develop their skills set, deepen their spiritual connection, and do the personal work that is necessary to follow their calling.


Kate’s Areas of Study and Expertise

Kate is trained in numerous healing and helping methods such as:

  • =Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology
  • =Core Energetics
  • =Expressive Arts
  • =Shamanic Techniques
  • =MER (Mental & Emotional Release)
  • =Family Constellations
  • =NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • =Hypnosis
  • =Transformational Coaching
  • =Body and Energy work

Committed to lifelong growth and personal development, Dr. Kate travels the world to train. Currently, she is immersed in the advanced study of healing methods in the King Solomon Lineage.


After almost 30 years in the field of healing, I have come to believe the following: healing is not for sale. This is not to say that healers and people in transformational work should not get paid well for what they do. It takes significant time and dedication to develop one’s skills and that requires a financial exchange that can support the work.

But, my job is not to sell you my work in the many ways that we see in the self-help industry; shame, fear, and emotional manipulation.

Because all healing necessitates a choice to heal – it requires both awareness and willingness. Neither of which can be manufactured through gimmicks.

The way that I see it, my efforts are best used in the creation of an alternative -to continue to learn, work on myself, and allow the results to speak for themselves. Offering healing work is a process of building bridges and opening doors. Once the bridge is built or the door is opened, you choose how far you want to go and how you want to heal. I meet you where and when you are ready. Likewise when you are moved to give to others from what you have gained yourself, I will support you in developing the work that only you can do in the way that suits who you are -not my work, your work.

It’s a matter of integrity.

While I have been trained in diagnosis and treatment from a medical model perspective, I only use this approach as it is relevant. My perspective and practice is grounded in the spiritual belief that we are here for a reason and that our path is a unique and perfect in its unfolding. I tune into the essence of who you are and assist in the process of your unfolding. The results of which can be seen in many dimensions of your life.

I work with you as a guide. My goal is to strengthen and support you in your evolutionary process. This can look many ways and is not always what you might expect but it is deep and powerfully transformational.

To do this, I facilitate and design intimate, creative, and transformational healing and training spaces where what holds you back is revealed, you get the tools and information you need to move your life and/or healing practice forward, and you learn how to strengthen your direct and unmediated connection with spirit so that it all has meaning purpose and is deeply aligned.

My clients are creative, intelligent and motivated. They care deeply about having a positive impact and making a difference. If this is you, I’m ready! Let’s get started.



Kelly M.  Artist

"Kate's Maha Program changed my life!"

Hannah F.

Osteopathic Medical Student

"Kate is a wise sage, a gifted teacher and an engager of beauty and spirits. Her depth of knowledge astounds me."

Dr. Heather M Browne, Psychotherapist

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