Being Human on our Spiritual Path: Integrating Our Higher and Lower Selves

FREE WEBINAR: Being Human on our Spiritual Path: Integrating our Higher and Lower Selves

May 19th, 2021 @ 5pm PST

While you may have stepped out on your spiritual journey in search of greater truths or inner peace, the further you step along the path of spiritual awakening the greater the awareness becomes of how much is not known and cannot be known.  This uncertainty can create many internal challenges.

The difference of perspective between our higher and lower-selves can be disorienting.

How to reconcile the deep wisdom and profound oversights that are the gifts and burdens is one of the challenges of becoming more awake.

If you have ever wondered:

Why do I keep running into the same issues and what has me so blind to certain trouble spots?

Why sometimes does life seem so clear and sometimes beyond my comprehension?

Why do I see my potential as a spiritual being and still struggle with the basics of life?

What can I do to have more grace with my process and judge myself less?

This learning session is for you.


  • A pragmatic philosophical approach to support your spiritual awakening

  • How to dance the dance of ignorance and wisdom to create insight

  • How to be more compassionate towards yourself and others

  • Tools to support your journey

About Kate: Building off of 27 years of devoted study in the areas of personal growth, spiritual transformation, and holistic healing methods with respected world-leaders in these areas, Dr. Kate will offer valuable tools and insights to support you in going to the next level of your healing journey. 

Whether you are intrigued and newly exploring this concept or want to further integrated your higher and lower self and how it affects our world and your spiritual development, this webinar is for you.

The live one hour learning session will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A where you can get direct support on any issue related to your healership.  Sign up below.