TUESDAY, JAN 13, 2021 @ 6PM PST

Practitioners who add coaching to their practice are able to help more people, more effectively, and make their practice more financially profitable.

Even before the pandemic and the need to work online changed so many practitioners’ lives, I was teaching coaching to practitioners because it strengthens their work and helps them build a financially viable (or more financially viable) business.

In addition to that, right now, there is more stress and more people needing support than ever before.  Coaching helps you help others -even more.

Whether you are already a helping professional or are looking to become one, the skill of
coaching is highly beneficial.  It is a foundational tool that has many applications beyond what you might typically think about when you think about coaching.

As you know, many people who work with people in face to face settings are no longer able to practice in the same way.  Coaching, specifically the way that it is taught in ITC, helps you expand your work so that you can continue to help others and maintain your livelihood.

If you are one of the many practitioners that have needed to shift the way that you work.
Even if you have needed to make relatively few changes: learning coaching and integrating it with your current skills and knowledge can help you create a new way of working that serves others and helps you continue to grow your work regardless of the restrictions placed upon you at this time.

In this FREE one-hour webinar, learn how you can use coaching to leverage your practice or make the necessary pivots that will help you thrive in changing times.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Why is coaching a skill that all practitioners should have?
  • How can it help you be better at what you do?
  • How can it help you create a more secure business model in times of change?
  • What are critical components of a coaching program?

In this one hour free webinar, learn how you can use coaching to leverage your practice or make the necessary pivots that will help you thrive in changing times.

Learn how Dr. Kate and her former students have applied the skills they learned as Coaches to better their everyday lives and transform challenges.  Dr. Kate will share how she uses coaching skills in her work and how you can use them in all aspects of your life.

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“I think now is a powerful time to learn coaching skills. I think that we will be needing them more than ever as we face all of the changes ahead of us.”