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Living Your True Self

Living Your True Self

In my LifeWork Community program I teach a number of ways that we can more productively work with our true self and bring its expression through our mask and into the world. The following are some of the areas that I address in my program and questions that you can use to support yourself in moving towards living your true self.

Self Love and Acceptance

People sometimes believe that you do personal development work if you are broken, but that is not really the case. Yes, it is true that hurt people work on themselves to feel better. However, it is also true that the best place to start your work from is a place of total acceptance. When we do our personal development work from a place of more and more appreciation, we gain so much more for our efforts.

What is one thing that you get on your case about that you can start to accept about yourself?

Personal Truth

Personal truth can sound like a lofty concept and like it is detached from everyday life, but this does not need to be the case. Our personal truth can be a felt and lived experience. In fact, it is. When we live our personal truth we feel happier, more loving, and more energized. When we step out of integrity we feel less happy, closed, and like we have lower energy.

When do you feel that you are connected to your personal truth? What does it feel like to you?

Harmony through Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a pathway to healing. Healing is a state of harmony and peace. When we hold onto grievances from the past the pain of these events is carried in us and is reflected in the world around us. We continually activate the pains so that they can be healed. The idea is not for us to suffer through life but to become aware that the pain is there so that it can be transformed.

What are you carrying from your past that needs to be let go of? What needs to happen for you to be ready to let it go?

Creativity and Expression

Our most highly attuned state is a creative state. Creativity and its expression are the result of being able to be in the present moment, spontaneous, and positively focused. Creativity is a form of healing and an aspiration of conscious growth. We cannot create without the willingness to see more than what has previously been.

How can you nurture creativity in your life?

Purpose and Meaning

People crave a sense of meaning and purpose. Without it, we often feel lost at sea. The trials and tribulations of life are hard to weather because we face them with no sense of what to do with them. We may even end up feeling victimized by life and see ourselves transform into a perpetrator. When we have a sense of meaning we create a pathway through the challenges of life and create a sense of inner peace.

What is most important to you? Why is it most important?

The Personal Development Tools that Make the Difference

The Personal Development Tools that Make the Difference

When the time comes to do some (or some additional) personal development work, it can be challenging to know how to get started. Should you schedule an appointment with a therapist, join a personal development group, or take a weekend workshop? On which aspects of your life should you focus your attention? Do you need to dig into your past, process some emotion, or learn a new skill to help you move forward? Here are some considerations that will help you determine the right people and the right environments needed to help you grow.

Where is the Challenge in your Life? Is your challenge predominantly personal, relational, professional, or organizational? Sometimes, the things we struggle with touch multiple areas of our life. If this is the case, I’d say your challenge fits in the “personal area” of your life because your personal life affects all other parts of your life.

What is the Location of your Challenge? This is the trickiest question to find the answer to. Challenges exist in different parts of a person’s life. Certain therapeutic modalities are suited to certain types of problems. For example, if your challenge has to do with a recurring family issue, then you’ll want to select a method that works with your ancestral line. If you have lots of negative thoughts, then you’ll want to use a modality that helps change your patterns of thinking and process stuck emotions.

What is your Processing Style? There are different strokes for different folks. Not all methods work for all people. What draws you in or repulses you is important to take into the equation. Listening to yourself is always the key to getting the right help.

Here are some different therapeutic approaches and moments when they might be useful for you:

  • Core Energetics: Great for understanding defense patterns, clearing emotional baggage, and providing a deeper understanding of how to connect with the true you.

  • Shadow Work: Provides a powerful tool for clearing emotional baggage and releasing unhelpful patterns of relating.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Essential skills for thinking positively and getting things done.

  • Expressive Arts: Helpful for rooting out deep and often subconscious emotional patterns, and expanding possibilities.

  • Imago: Great for supporting couples in understanding how to communicate more effectively and be truly present to each other in a relationship.

  • Family Constellations: A powerful tool for helping clear ancestral issues and other challenges that may not have been learned directly in our lives.

  • Professional Coaching: Offers results-focused support to meet professional goals. Optimal for people seeking professional excellence.

  • Hypnosis: Extremely helpful in switching over belief systems and retraining the nervous system.

Are you looking for your next step in your personal development? I do my best in my LifeWork Community program to create a powerful transformational process to help people connect to the core of who they are and live from an alive, heart-centered place. I make a point to integrate different therapeutic approaches and teach core transformational skills. I would love for you to check it out!

Creating Clear Intentions

In one week, I am starting my LifeWork Community program. If you relate to my blog, workshops or book and you are not too far a drive from Providence, you really need to talk to me about this program! LifeWork Community is about creating a fabulous, intentional, creative and impactful life. It is going to be amazing and I know you will want in.

Email admin@projectspace.in to find out more!

The first workshop in this new program is about being more intentional. Until we know just what we want to create and some of the steps we know we need to take to consistently to make it happen, we tend to be less satisfied, have less of a sense of meaning, and get hit or miss results.

There is this great question that I read somewhere, I can’t remember where right now. It is: What would you want if you were absolutely certain you would get it?

Take a moment to think about that.

Is your answer any different than what you are going about creating on a regular basis? If it is, this is a perfect place to employ the practice of intention.

What if your intention was to create what you really want instead of what you have convinced yourself that you can have?

What would you need to do on a regular basis to be as likely as possible to create what it is that you truly want? And, who would you need to be in order to reach that desired goal for yourself?

These questions are at the heart of intentional and fulfilled living.