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4 Giant Ways Your Life Changes When You Find Your Purpose

4 Giant Ways Your Life Changes When You Find Your Purpose

While finding your life purpose may not be a panacea for all of your problems, there are four giant ways that your life changes when you find your purpose and start to live by it. These shifts can radically upgrade your life from just getting by to feeling like a super-star.

Finding your Life Purpose means that you feel good with the way that you are situated in the world and your actions in it have a sense of meaning to you. It does not mean that you have suddenly discovered that you are going to be the person to cure cancer (although that is a possibility). Our purpose is, more often than not, not one act or one career, but a greater sense that our inside self and our outer life are in alignment.

No matter who you are and how skeptical you might be that you have a life purpose, I can assure you, you have one. It may not be quite as you imagined it, but it is there. As you identify your life purpose and get more on track with living it you will see radical change in how you feel on a regular basis.

We get a lot closer to living our purpose when we stop thinking and start feeling. Step out of your head and stop trying to construct what your life purpose looks like. Instead, start feeling what feels good to you. These are the breadcrumbs that lead us to our purpose. The things that feel good to you are the components of your life purpose. As you claim them, little by little, your purpose begins to take shape. When it does you will notice the following seismic shifts in your life.

Ways your life changes when you find your purpose:

    1. More Engaged: When you find your purpose and start living it, you start feeling more engaged in your life. While some things may no longer interest you, the things that are in alignment with your purpose will become that much more dynamic. It will feel like you just woke up and there is a party going on that you didn’t even notice was there. If you used to wait to do things, you may find that you are now first in line. If you used to let others answer the questions, you may find yourself center stage with a host of answers.
    2. More Energy: As a result of living your life purpose you will feel much more energized. It will be easier to get up in the morning. You will find yourself looking forward to what you have to do and, at the end of the day, you will be less likely to crash yourself down in front of the TV or whatever numbing agent of choice you like to use. You will find that you have more energy to do more things in your area of interest. You will also be able to make more happen each day with seemingly less effort.
    3. More Opportunity: Living your life purpose shifts the way that you look at the world. Instead of it seeming like your goals are impossibly out of reach, you will begin to experience synchronicities that connect you with what you need to get the job done. As you continue to move in the direction of your life purpose, you may even start to see that the obstacles that you do encounter are more like markers that are guiding you in the right direction.
    4. More fulfillment: Even if you are living your life purpose, you will still notice that there are times that are challenging. The ups and downs of life do not go away just because you have started living your life purpose. However, you will notice that even when times are tough, you feel more satisfied overall with your life. When times are good, you will also benefit from a deeper, more fulfilling satisfaction than when you were not living your life purpose.

Think about what your life would be like if you felt fully engaged and energized, if you saw it as full of opportunity, and if you felt a deep sense of fulfillment, regardless of whether your day-to-day went well or not. The giant changes in the way you experience your life are worth cashing in on through a little investigation of your life purpose.

When You Find Your Purpose, What Happens?

When You Find Your Purpose, What Happens?

In case you have been in doubt about whether it would be helpful to find and live your life purpose, I can tell you that when you find your purpose your life will fundamentally change for the better. And, while, your life purpose is often less esoteric and much simpler than you would expect, the effects of finding it are beyond profound.


Finding your life purpose makes it obviously clear what is important and what is less important to you. This will shift the way that you make decisions in your life. It can change who you feel motivated to associate yourself with and how you decide to spend your time. People who know their life purpose are not content with letting life just roll on by – they are motivated to be deliberate and create a life that honors their purpose.

Knowing your life purpose will turn you into a magnet for the things that support your life purpose. Often times, when we connect to our life purpose we no longer have to work as hard to create what we want to create. The alignment with our life purpose helps create an ease and flow of between our life and what we need to fulfill it.

When you find your purpose, you feel more confident and find focus. If before you felt that you needed to be good at things that it was unlikely you would ever excel at, your life purpose will make it very clear where your strengths lie. Understanding and claiming your strengths will leave you exuding high levels of personal confidence.


Another way to talk about life purpose is to say that it is a distilled and refined expression of who you truly are. There are lots of reasons people go looking for their life purpose, but when we are motivated by this refined expression, the results can be quite phenomenal – they can be life changing.

Finding your life purpose can help you know yourself better. We learn about ourselves both through reflection and action. As we start to live our life purpose, we perceive the process of living differently and it helps us understand more about who we are. The steps and actions we take become mirrors for seeing even more of who we truly are.

When we know and live our life purpose we are happier. Life is more meaningful and enjoyable. What may have seemed like the humdrum day becomes a powerful tool for bringing more of who we are into the world. This contributes to a sense of wellbeing that we do not have without our life purpose.


When you find your purpose, it can feel like someone lit a match in your soul and that your whole life has somehow locked into place. You can have that “Oh yes, this is what it is all about” feeling, or you can have a subtle yet deep sense of realignment. It does not matter how you register the experience, so long as you have it. Like falling in love, aligning with your purpose is an indescribable experience worth every minute of getting there.

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