THE FOUR SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES: Opening your spiritual potential

FREE WEBINAR The Four Spiritual Challenges: Opening Your Spiritual Potential

August 11th, 2020 @ 6pm PST

Spiritual gifts are not something that are given to a chosen few but they are part of our birthright.

Many people are in the process of opening up to their spiritual gifts at this time and are experiencing increased psychic perception and a call to shift the way that they show up each day so that they are in deeper alignment and can realize their true calling.

This beautiful and natural unfolding of spiritual gifts and commitment to one’s spiritual path does not come without its challenges. (For example, the frequently talked about challenges of increased empathy call for new skills so that one can operate more comfortably in the world.)

However, there are more significant obstacles to navigate on each individuals path. These obstacles are often comprised of the complex interplay between the personal and the collective wounds around spirituality.

When we learn to work with each of these primary dysfunctions, our spiritual life deepens and our spiritual gifts open up -no matter where we are on our path.

While it is important to learn skills and practices -such as healing or meditation- to help our spiritual gifts come online, recognizing, understanding, and working with these 4 Spiritual Challenges is what allows the skills and practices to be fully realized and to have a truly positive impact when used.

They are keys to the mastery of your path in all of its dimensions as well as potentiators of your happiness and wellbeing.



  • What are the four spiritual challenges that are most relevant to your development right now?
  • Why do they have such a strong effect on your spiritual development?
  • How can you become better at identifying these traits in ourselves and others?
  • What can you do to work with them and open your spiritual path?


Join Dr. Kate for this free webinar where you will learn about the 4 Spiritual Challenges that are particularly relevant to our times and how you can work with them to step more steadily on your spiritual path and realize your spiritual gifts.

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