You and the God/Goddess: The Sovereign Connection

FREE WEBINAR: You and God/Goddess - The Sovereign Connection

November 5th, 2020 @ 5pm PST

There is no one who has the right to stand between you and God.

This may seem straightforward enough but centuries, if not millennia of individual and collective human experience where we have learned to trust in a spiritual authority other than ourselves, has subtly and not so subtly broken the understanding and experience of this direct connection.

So ubiquitous is this, that it has become difficult to see. We often wrongly attribute the impact of this disconnection to something lacking inside of ourselves.  This gets us stuck in a process of chasing our tail, unaware of what got us there in the first place.

If you have not yet explored this disconnect, how it shows up in the world and how it impacts your beliefs, it is highly likely that it is impacting you. Learn more and you will strengthen your direct connection with spirit.

Signs that you have been impacted by this distortion:

SHAME AND FEAR: Shame and fear have been used to sew doubt and create uncertainty. Many new age, spiritual resources have unwittingly incorporated threads of shame and fear and as a result many spiritual seekers are desensitized to them : effectively consuming fear and shame in the guise of spiritual teachings and truth.

CONTROL: If you have been in an environment where your spiritual development has been controlled and your spiritual connection mediated, you have been directly tapped in and influenced by this long-standing method of spiritual disempowerment.

NEGATIVITY: Are you someone who is very “open” but is often challenged by “bad” energy or negative entities? This can be a sign that you would benefit from strengthening your direct spiritual connection.

SEEKING: Looking for the answer outside of yourself and continually searching for another spiritual fix can be a symptom that you have detached from your spiritual root.


  • Why is this the most important spiritual truth to understand.

  • Why it is likely that you are still operating under this type of spiritual distortion.

  • How have you been separated from direct connection with divine source?

  • Why is this disconnection so impactful on your life and spiritual development?

  • Why is it even more important right now to break this longstanding spell?

  • How this can make you susceptible to negative energies and create other challenges on your path.

Whether you are intrigued and newly exploring this concept or want to deepen your understanding of how this spiritual distortion functions and how it affects our world and your spiritual development, this webinar is for you.

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