I am born in Rhode Island on a deep, dark winter night. Perhaps the first indication of my mysterious depth and contemplative nature.


At three years old, I walk, barefooted, three miles home from my brother’s baseball game. I’m convinced this was a part of a grand plan to make me fiercely deteremined and independent.


Hospitalized by a deadly disease, delirious, and unable to talk, I became acutely aware of the energy, feelings, and thoughts of those around me. My uncanny intuition blooms.


My parents promise me the horse I’ve been asking for with one hitch: I must first care for a pony, completely and entirely on my own. I took a gulp and went for it, all 50 pounds of me. Imagine their shock! I’ve been shifting peoples’ limiting belief systems all my life. CHANGE YOURSELF. CHANGE THE WORLD.


I hate Junior High, thinking it’s hopelessly stupid. My ADD and unconventional learning style make me an oddity. The mainstream and I are about to diverge completely. STOP PRETENDING. BE YOURSELF!


Inner urgings drive me to seek out all those secret taboos. Not what you think. I fulfill my desires with Siddhartha, Be Here Now, and esoteric studies that leave me entirely unable to talk to most people my age. DARE TO GO DEEP.

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