Are you feeling the need for a major change? Dr. Kate offers individualized programs designed to assess your challenges, create effective strategies, and help you make outward changes quickly, so you can increase both your success and fulfillment. Program formats are crafted specifically for you, to meet your needs, and offer you optimal support for getting the results you desire.

Individualized Breakthrough intensives are powerful, private, full day sessions that get to the root of what is holding you back. Clients are able to release limiting beliefs and negative emotions allowing them to step into their life in a whole new way. Individualized intensives can be done at any point and both as part of a program and on their own.

Individual sessions packages are offered as an addition to group programs or are available by application only. Dr. Kate only takes on a very small number of private clients and does not work with clients on a session by session basis. If you are interested in high-level, individualized transformational work, please sign up for a consult and make it clear that you are interested in individual work.


Using perspective, comprehensive inquiry, and analysis, Mentoring sessions release old patterns, increase awareness, and effect change. Change cannot occur by talking alone. While, sessions emphasize awareness of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions, promoting understanding and deep change in a highly personalized format, you are supported in taking regular steps to make the important changes you need to make in your life. Mentoring is not just a fancy name for coaching. It combines coaching, education, guidance, energy work, consciousness development, and psychological theory to give you dramatically impactful results.

I can not stress enough what a powerful process this is! If you feel like you have been spinning your wheels and getting only mediocre results, or like you are completely stuck or plateaued in some area of your life, this process will make all the difference. One day of highly researched emotional and mental release techniques to help you leave what is holding you back behind and step into the life you always knew was yours. This process is so effective it changed the way that I work with people completely. It is the secret ingredient to making all of your other efforts pay off.