Where does the teacher get guidance or the healer get healing?

Who supports the person who supports everyone else?

Where do you go if you’re intelligent, creative, spiritual, driven, have already done a lot of work, and are looking for someone to help you hone your cutting edge?

Mentoring with Dr. Kate offers high-level personal development sessions that draw from the most effective psychological methods, healing approaches, intuitive guidance, spiritual practices, and life wisdom.

Some of us are on a quest to live as fully as possible, to love as deeply as possible, and to have the greatest positive impact that we can. Mentored clients have seen life-changing, positive results such as:

  • Acquiring a deeper sense of meaning and purpose
  • Stepping into power, brilliance, genius
  • Achieving more success and efficacy in their work in the world
  • Developing strong and satisfying relationships.
  • Realizing the life they always wanted
  • One three-hour kick-off intensive so you can dive in deep and set things up right
  • Four hours per month of private sessions to be used in whatever way you wish
  • Ongoing email access to get your questions answered
  • Emergency calls

My mentorship integrates multiple methods from therapy, life coaching, spiritual guidance, and various healing methods in a holistic approach.

It is deep, radical, and highly transformational. Drawing on my over twenty-five years of training and life wisdom, I help you create several changes in your life.

Using this wide-ranging and individually crafted approach, mentoring is a powerful spiritual and personal development process that uncovers and releases old patterns, increases awareness, and fosters personal and professional change—while working within the unique character and learning styles of each client.

Mentoring sessions are based on the theory that deep change cannot be effected by one singular orientation or approach. Sessions emphasize awareness of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions, promoting understanding and deep personal change.

This program is not for everyone. People who work with me in my mentoring programs are committed to their own growth, capable of showing up to the process, dedicated to looking deep within, and ready to make the changes they need to make in their lives to expand the edge of what they know is possible.

Because I only take on a small number of private clients each year, spots require an initial consultation.

  • You are going through a significant personal transformation or spiritual emergency.
  • You are deeply committed to your path and want to walk it in an even more powerful way.
  • You are ready to get at the root cause(s) of whatever limits you.
  • You are intuitive, intelligent, motivated, caring and want to make a positive difference and you are looking for the right support to truly unlock your gifts.
  • You are challenged by issues such as lack of self-care, overworking, creating healthy relationships and not fully standing in your power.
  • You want to be the best, most fully alive person you can be.

But even more than any of these, this program is for you if you are looking for a highly-skilled guide to help you step into your full-potential because you believe in striving to be your personal best.


Let’s set up a consult call so that I can answer them for you and we can make sure this is the right step for you right now. There is a $50 charge for the call that will be deducted from your program should you decide to sign up. If you decide you do not want to move forward after our call, not a problem. There is little to lose and SO MUCH to gain.

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