Virtual Workshops



I believe that holistic wellness is imperative to the growth of the world. By caring for and nurturing ourselves, we empower ourselves to give the love, end the hate, and make the change to benefit our global community. In this spirit, I am offering free workshops every six to eight weeks.

I hope that these free online workshops will serve as an accessible boost to your self-care regimen, I hope they will inspire you to go deeper and further in your personal development work, and I hope that they will ultimately bring us all closer together as a compassionately active community.

past workshops

Freeing Yourself from Obligation: Empower Yourself in Love

Have you found it challenging to balance your own needs with the needs of others? Do you often wind up taking care of others at the expense of yourself? Dr. Kate lets you in on the secret ways you didn’t notice that your life is not your own and how you can create balance in your life using boundaries.

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Thriving as an Empath: Self-Care Techniques for the Sensitive Person

A life of empowered sensitivity is beautifully rich and deeply intimate. It is the world of poets, mystics, and healers. This free online workshop with Dr. Kate Siner will help you learn vital coping skills and become more conscious so you can live without being swept away in others’ emotions and drama, and achieve a life beyond what many others can experience.

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Transformational Self-Care: Energetic Renewal for Challenging Times

Whether you have the winter blahs or despair around political events, self-care is essential for feeling good and living your purpose. This webinar provides a valuable tool connecting you with energetic and other spiritual supports to supercharge your existing self-care routines. This tool will help you make an instant shift in how you feel and strengthen your connection to your core to better support yourself and others.

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