10 Tips for a Fulfilled New Year

1. Embrace all of who you are:Start your year off right and keep it going right by skipping your resolutions and heading straight for self-acceptance. Sometimes, the bigger changes come…
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Three Undesirable Behaviors, Explained

Every time you ignore or repress a part of yourself, you do damage. Sometimes, ignoring and repressing your emotions or undesirable behaviors leads to a flare up or an outburst….
Painting of a woman with long black hair adorned with colorful flowers. The woman gazes past the viewer, eyes open, mouth closed.

Claim Your Flaws, Become a Goddess

One of the things that I love about the Greek gods is that they are all incredibly flawed. Zeus was always jealous and (hypocritically) always a cheater. Hera was vengeful….
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Working with the Shadow

So much of personal development focuses on what we can see and what we know about ourselves, that we might not realize we’re messing up on those parts that we…
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How to shut down your inner critic

We all know that we can sometimes be our own worst enemy. Usually, this is because there is some aspect of yourself that you have restricted, or some part of…

10 Ways to show Gratitude through Action

Oxford English Living Dictionaries defines Gratitude: [mass noun] The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. In the vein of “paying it forward,” here…

Which personality type and defensive style are you?

According to some psychoanalytic and psychological theories there are five personality types. These personality types grow out of the experiences we have during the first seven years of our life,…

Mask and True Self 101

What is the mask? The mask is the outer expression of who you are. It is also called the persona. Your mask makes up much of what you might think…

Living Your True Self

In my LifeWork Community program I teach a number of ways that we can more productively work with our true self and bring its expression through our mask and into…