Mentoring Tracks

Clients who choose mentoring do so because they want to make significant changes in their life or because they have reached the point where they understand that having a highly skilled advisor only helps them be more of who they want to be and create more of what they want to create. They invest in themselves because they are committed to being their best self.


This is for leaders wishing to anchor spiritual values in all that they do increasing their impact and wellbeing.

Teacher / Guide

This is for people wishing to grow their coaching practice and/or develop their facilitation skills and programming.


This is for people who want to develop their individual work as a healer.

Stepping In

Kate offers a limited number of opportunities to step into deeper study and practice through her highly individualized Mentoring program.

This one-year commitment will be a personalized, comprehensive approach to your personal, spiritual and professional development. It is designed for those people who are ready to “up-level” in a significant way, would like to create an integrative healing or coaching practice, or want support in deepening their spiritual practice so they can have a greater positive impact on those they lead.

After almost 30 years of working in the healing and helping field, Kate utilizes this experience to help you transform who you are and develop your unique ability to work with others. Additionally, her experience in starting and leading a company as well as community development, make her an ally in success and the practical application of all that is learned along the way.

Mentoring offers opportunity to get comprehensive support in developing your work and one to one development working with Kate. The purpose of this program is to give you what you need to DO the work. This is an investment in yourself and a commitment to building in as part of this network. The intended result is the money that is paid in apprenticeship becomes something you can directly see build your work.

People choosing Mentoring will be able to take any program that Kate offers without and additional charge for the duration of the mentoring program.


Whats included?

  • =Weekly 60 min or Biweekly 90minute sessions
  • =Access to Group Programs
  • =Free Sacred Lights Membership
  • =Strategy and Planning as Needed

What Can you Expect?

Initial sessions focus on excavation of the issue and/or planning of the approach to development.

Kate relies on you to do your work in between sessions and to come with a sense of what you would like to work on. This provides access and permission and she can guide the work from there.

This is a collaborative approach. Nothing can be done without your engagement. The more you engage the more powerful the work.

Because the work is comprehensive results typically become apparent around the 3 to 6 month mark.

While significant shifts will be seen as a result of your efforts, many people decide to remain clients for years because of the benefits.

Things to Consider:

Kate works 1 on 1 with some combination of intelligent, creative, spiritual people who are motivated to be their best selves and have a positive impact on the world.

She is highly intuitive and both fast and comprehensive in her approach.

When working with practitioners she is dedicated to helping them craft the work that is unique to and most right for them.

1 to 1 work is reserved for people who are ready for this kind of support in their life.


If you would like to work with Kate in this capacity, please sent up a consult so we can determine if it is a good fit.

Programs and group coaching is available for people who are not ready for this kind of investment.

There are also a number of offerings available for getting started for free at Sacred Lights.


Kelly M.  Artist

"Kate's Maha Program changed my life!"

Hannah F.

Osteopathic Medical Student

"Kate is a wise sage, a gifted teacher and an engager of beauty and spirits. Her depth of knowledge astounds me."

Dr. Heather M Browne, Psychotherapist