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About Kate Siner


Kate Siner Ph.D is a lifelong student of healing, born with strong intuition, a love of adventure, and a deeply caring nature. She started reading her first books on psychology and spirituality at fifteen years old. Since then, Kate has dedicated her life to understanding the human experience and how she can best help others to live the truth of who they are. 

Kate has used  her diverse knowledge, advanced skill set, and expertise in myriad healing modalities to help seekers around the world  to transform their limitations, see their greatness, and step into the full expression of their being. As a result her students  and mentees are often inspired to share the healing they received with those who need it. As a result, Kate supports healers, practitioners, and other helpers in the fields of spiritual development and personal transformation to develop their skills and become who they need to be follow their calling as well as leaders in all fields to have a greater impact because of their expanded spiritual capacity an overall well-being.

work with kate

Kate offers a limited number of opportunities to step into deeper study and practice through Mentoring. Kate works 1 on 1 with intelligent, creative, spiritual people who are motivated to be their best selves and have a positive impact on the world.

Private Healings and Healing Temple through Helena Kate are where Kate provides healings from the Modern Mystery School lineage of healings. These healings are uniquely powerful and work in mysterious ways to create profound changes in your life.

Are you ready to get started helping others? Or, are you ready to deepen your spiritual practice and increase your impact? Kate offers various trainings to support your journey.

Mentoring Tracks

In addition to working with people who are becoming their best selves, Kate focuses on the development and support of the following groups. 


This is for leaders wishing to anchor spiritual values in all that they do increasing their impact and wellbeing.

Teacher / Guide

This is for people wishing to grow their coaching practice and/or develop their facilitation skills and programming.


This is for people who want to develop their individual work as a healer.


Kelly M.  Artist

"Kate's Maha Program changed my life!"

Hannah F.

Osteopathic Medical Student

"Kate is a wise sage, a gifted teacher and an engager of beauty and spirits. Her depth of knowledge astounds me."

Dr. Heather M Browne, Psychotherapist

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Alignment Meditation

Access my 5 minute Guided Meditation for Alignment. This is the meditation used in my programs and trainings to come into greater alignment with your truth - your heart.