Transformational Coaching

Integrative Transformational Coaching


If you’ve ever considered learning to coach, but wondered if it was really right for the kind of work you do or whether it will actually help you bring in more income, then Integrative Transformational Coaching may be the program for you. Coaching is an accepted, adaptable, and financially viable modality that you can mix with your other skills as a healer, therapist, or other practitioner to produce greater results and more value for your clients. The Integrative Transformational Coaching Certification Program is supported by Dr. Kate’s years of experience as a coach and mentor. Early in her career, coaching was Dr. Kate’s answer to, ‘How do I make ALL my skills and experience work at their best together?’ Training as a coach set Dr. Kate on the road to the success she has today as a visionary leader and facilitator of transformational personal development work. What might it do for you? Most training programs teach you a method but little else. Integrative Transformational Coaching is designed to help you coach in a way that is comfortable, natural, and unique to you – AND gets results. This program is designed to help you build a strong foundation in coaching strategy, define your Integrative Style, and create transformational growth for you and your business.

Transformational Coaching Benefits:

  • Become more successful and deeply fulfilled in your helping or healing work.
  • Apply all your skills from past trainings and different modalities to define your unique, marketable Integrative Style.
  • Be profitable doing what you love, while helping others.
  • Find balance and wellbeing in your life through the success you experience as a coach.
  • Completion of this program qualifies you to apply for Dr. Kate’s exclusive Healing Apprenticeship program.

Transformational Coaching Design

Six-month coaching certification program.
  • One Three-Day In-person Intensive Training & Four Four-hour Saturday Virtual Intensive Trainings: Real life coaching practice, direct feedback, and experiential learning with a cohort of your peers and the guidance of Dr. Kate.
  • Peer Coaching: From day one, you’ll work with your peers to share support and grow toward mutual excellence.
  • Self Study & Online Classroom: You’ll explore the field of coaching and find your specific passion with informed, guided assistance. You’ll also create multiple presentations that allow you integrate your study and share your areas of interest.
  • Group Coaching Calls: Monthly check-ins to keep you connected and on track.
  • Facebook Group: Stay in contact with your support group. Share your assignments and insights as your coaching grows in this online coaching group.

This program is for you, if any of the following are true:

  • You have an avid and passionate interest in helping facilitate personal development for yourself and others.
  • You are curious about coaching and want to learn more about it and how you might use it in life and work.
  • You may be trained in one, or more, therapeutic or healing modalities and want to leverage these skills with an accepted, adaptable, and financially viable method to achieve greater results for your clients and your practice.
  • You’re ready to leave behind the fear of failure that prevents you from taking your next step and reaching your true potential.
  • You love what you do and are ready and eager to have more people engaged in your practice.

Your Next Steps

Learn more about Coaching

Watch Integrative Transformational Coaching below. It’s an informative webinar about the positive impact coaching skills can have in your life and your work, and you will learn Dr. Kate’s four essential elements of creating impactful and profitable work.


Complete your Transformational Coaching Program and certification and take your healing practice to a new level. Learn powerful coaching skills, define your own Integrative Style, gain an energetic understanding of the needs of a successful healing or helping practice, and become a master of success. Join the Integrative Transformational Coaching program and start working smarter, not harder, by adding intrinsic value to your healing practice. Click Here to Apply, then Schedule a Conversation with Dr. Kate

Mark Your Calendar

In-Person Intensive

In-person intensive will be hosted in the Providence, RI area. 9am-6pm Eastern Time.
  • Tuesday through Thursday, June 11th, June 12th, June 13th, All Day, 9am-6pm
  • Online Program Orientation

    (For those who cannot make the in-person intensive)Hosted on Zoom and are at 9-5pm Pacific Time.
  • Wednesday, June 11, 2019, 9am – 5pm PST
  • Thursday, June 12, 2019, 9am – 5pm PST
  • Friday, June 13, 2019, 9am – 5pm PST
  • Virtual Intensives

    Calls are hosted on Zoom and are at Pacific Time.
  • June 25th-27th 9am-12pm PDT / 11am EDT
  • July 20th 9am-12pm PDT / 11am EDT
  • August 31st 8am-12pm PDT / 11am EDT
  • October 12th 8am-12pm PDT / 11am EDT
  • November 23rd 8am-12pm PDT / 11am EST
  • Live Call Dates

    Calls are hosted on Zoom and are at Pacific Time.
  • June 18th 9am-10am PDT / 12pm EDT
  • July 9th 9am-10am PDT / 12pm EDT
  • July 23rd 9am-10am PDT / 12pm EDT
  • August 13th 9am-10am PDT / 12pm EDT
  • August 27th 9am-10am PDT / 12pm EDT
  • September 10th 9am-10am PDT / 12pm EDT
  • September 24th 9am-10am PDT / 12pm EDT
  • October 8th 9am-10am PDT / 12pm EDT
  • October 22th 9am-10am PDT / 12pm EDT
  • November 12th 9am-10am PST / 12pm EST
  • November 26th 9am-10am PST / 12pm EST
  • December 10th 6am-7am / 9am EST wrap up call
  • “Dr. Kate’s insight, proficiency, perception, and modeling of coaching mastery was exceptional.” Thank you for helping me get into the driver’s seat of my life.”
    Karin Green / Founder Shadow Wisdom
    “My own personal transformation has been tremendous! This program has changed the way that I show up in every area of my life. I feel like I am now practicing my calling.”
    Patsy / Founder &Celebrate
    I feel I can coach from who I am rather than try to be generic. I can do this!”
    Magda / Program Participant