Transformational Coaching

Integrative Transformational Coaching


Have you been looking for a way to help others transform? A way that is both accepted enough to be marketable yet individualized enough to effect profound change in a way that is unique to you and your future clients?

Have you studied healing and helping modalities and are you now looking for a way to integrate them and make them accessible to people?

The Integrative Transformational Coaching Program is designed to give you focused training and top-notch resources for being a profoundly effective and successful coach.

This is not your average-every-day coaching training program. You WILL learn how to coach (This program is laid out to meet coaching credentialing requirements.) However, you will learn so much more! We explore what makes transformation possible and learn how to harness and use it in a way that is uniquely your own using coaching methods.

This training includes:

  • In-person intensive trainings – Real-life coaching practice, direct feedback and experiential learning.
  • Peer coaching – Begin from day one by working with your peers to share support and grow toward mutual excellence.
  • Self study – Explore the territory of coaching as well as other modalities and find your specific passion. C
  • Group coaching and training calls – Regular check-ins and training to keep you on track and connected.

3 Reasons This Is Hands Down The Best Coaching Training You Can Find:

  • A Training Made For YOU. The Transformational Coach certification offers motivational and deeply transformational skills that will support you in becoming the kind of coach, healer, practitioner that you want to be.
  • Life Changing Personal Development. You can’t coach effectively in the areas that you haven’t done your own personal growth. Dr. Kate is a PhD in psychology with years of clinical practice and mentoring under her belt. This training masterfully guides you on a path of personal discovery so that you can strengthen the foundations of your practice.
  • Learn From The Best. Many trainings are offered by coaches who don’t yet have track record of their own success. Dr. Kate is a peer with the best in the industry – she has trained with Natalie Rogers, leader in the expressive arts field, Karyne Wilner student of John Peirrakos and Assistant Director of the Core Energetics Institute and many more. Dr. Kate offers you an extensive and wide range of knowledge and wisdom that can only come with her years of experience.

Dr Kate’s training program delivers a level of high-level of mastery in a short period of time.

“Dr. Kate’s insight, proficiency, perception,
and modeling of coaching mastery was exceptional.”
Thank you for helping me get into the driver’s seat of my life.”
Karin Green / Founder Shadow Wisdom
“My own personal transformation has been tremendous!
This program has changed the way that I show up in every area of my life.
I feel like I am now practicing my calling..”
Patsy / Founder &Celebrate
I feel I can coach from who I am
rather than try to be generic.
I can do this!.”
Magda / Program Participant