LifeWork Community

LifeWork Community

Inspiration, Guidance, & Support to make your visions real

Every day we wake with the potential to step closer to the life we dream of. What is your next step? Life is a work of art to be masterfully made into the shape of your dreams. Those who dare to live on the edge of what’s possible and actively seek out the tools to heal and transform themselves and the world around them achieve their dreams.

Your life is your greatest work. Who you are, the people you touch, and the joy you experience are what is most important.

Being your true self and bringing all you can bring to each moment of your life is what creates real fulfillment—true happiness. From here, we make our contribution to the world.


LifeWork is one part motivational training, one part transformational incubator, and one part spiritual odyssey. It is designed for people like you who want to create positive change in the world, starting with yourself.

The LifeWork community provides you with the deep nourishment and support to thrive personally and create more of an impact. It is a place where you can be seen, celebrated, and go deep within to your core, in a supportive community of like-minded people that are called to a new path — a new way to live, work, create and share.


  • Dive Deep: Find your edge, unearth your potential, and challenge your limitations.
  • Develop Gifts: Hone your intuition, know your true self, and deepen your spiritual connection.
  • Open your Heart: Learn to truly love and accept yourself, practice compassion, and connect with others.
  • Create Beauty: Co-create rituals, express your uniqueness, and let your light shine.
  • Live Your Truth: Connect to your core, speak your truth, and find your inspiration.
  • Transform your Life: Set your intentions, take courageous action, and manifest your vision.
  • Impact your World: Show up fully and offer your brilliance.


  • 5 two-day-long Saturday and Sunday experiential intensives including art, rituals, powerful personal development experiences, modern esoteric teachings, singing, dancing, and more, all wrapped up together to facilitate deep transformation.
  • Monthly Virtual Group Sessions: Stay connected, practice vital skills, and keep your intention clear between workshops.
  • Virtual Tools: Resources and assessments that will help you stay on track with your transformation.

Participants also benefit from:

  • Wisdom of the Group: Writing, expression, and group reflection.
  • Master Mentoring: Loving Laser guidance by Dr. Kate Siner.
  • Action Plan: Integrate your learning and shift your life with deliberate action.


  • You want more joy, more love, more inspiration!
  • You are called to expand into your awakened conscious self.
  • You are ready to leave behind too-small, outdated ways of being and embrace your total self.
  • You are craving a deeper connection with yourself, a profound spiritual foundation, and a meaningful life.
  • You have expansive dreams and big goals and are ready to become the person who can reach those goals.
  • You desire to belong to a community where you can be real (vulnerable and powerful) and celebrate yourself.

LifeWork provides a powerful environment for you to go deep, transform quickly, and contribute to your life, family, and community.

“I’m amazed at the growth that takes place in a short time.
my leadership skills are constantly improving.
my staff, family, and friends all notice a difference in me.”
“The LifeWork program has provided me with the tools and insights
that have steadied me personally and professionally.
I now feel hope about moving forward.”
“Before the LifeWork Program, I had a difficult time feeling empowered.
Through Kate’s presence, compassion, skillful and gifted work.
I have learned to value my core qualities and let go of patterns that hold me back.”