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7 Beliefs that Stand in Your Way of Having Abundance and Doing What You Love

7 Beliefs that Stand in Your Way of Having Abundance and Doing What You Love

Ready to get more flow going around the work you love? Do you want to finally receive the abundance that matches the effort you have put into developing work that you love? The following are some beliefs that might be holding you back and what you can do to change them.

People Don’t Get Paid Well For What I Do: If you struggle to engage in your soul inspired work, you may look around and find others who are also struggling to do the very same thing. Does this mean it is impossible to get your work off the ground? No, but what it may mean is that you are looking in the wrong place. Where are the people who are successful, and what have they done to get themselves there?

I Am Not Worthy / Someone Else is Better Than Me: If you see other people being successful at what you love to do, you might be tempted to look at their skills or talents and judge yourself as less than. It is always helpful to objectively look at the skills that are necessary to be successful and learn them when appropriate. However, it might be more helpful to look at what it is that you do offer and how that is of great benefit to those who might want to pay you for your talents.

Money Will Corrupt My Work: Many people who are not successful have the belief that money corrupts. They love their work and have high standards for it but worry that making more money for that expertise will lead to corruption. If you get clear on what your standards are, you will be better equipped to face any potentially corrupting situations that come your way. It also might be helpful to explore the opposite side of things as well. How might being more profitable in your work help you to do that work better?

Having Abundance Means I am Taking From Others: When you are coming from a place of lack, your gain seems to mean another person’s loss. In fact, very often what you are providing is actually helping a person get more of what they want for themselves. Think of abundance in a more generalized way, beyond mere money. What is the other person gaining from the exchange?

If I Have Abundance, I Will Be a Target: This is a fear that people might tear you down if you appear too successful. Perhaps you had a shining experience that led to some negative treatment by others, or maybe you yourself have been judgmental toward people who seem to have more of something you desire than you do. Try supporting others in their success, and see how that changes your perspective.

If I Have Money, I Will Have to Be Responsible: Do you feel more comfortable with the fact that you are limited in your choices because of your lack of abundance? Maybe if you had more, you might need to make difficult decisions around whom to help with it or where to spend it so that it does not have a negative impact. Getting clear on how you want to use your resources can help you make good choices.

If I Take Money In Exchange For My Work, I Will Be Obligated: Some people have had the experience that everything comes at a price, and quite often that price is too high. Maybe you have been given something and then told afterwards that you owe something you did not expect to owe. Being clear up front about any exchange for your work and understanding the reasons for it can help you disengage from inappropriate requests .

For the Love OR the Money

I have watched lots of heart-centered people struggle to get their work with their message out there because they are unable to deal with the realities of the financial side of their work. It seems that, when we care a lot, we sometimes try to prove it by making statements about how it is our love, not our pocketbook, that prompts our actions. Somewhere along the line it was as if we were sneakily given the choice of either loving our work or making a profit from it. There are many different ways we can do this; however, each is problematic. And… each can be remedied.

In order to get our messages out into the world, we need resources and skills. These resources come in all shapes and sizes — and one of those is money. Suzanne Evans says it is not that money is the most important thing — it clearly is not — but it touches everything that is important.

In my opinion, those of us who care about making a difference are, in one way or another, trying to create healing in the world. At its most basic level, healing is just the natural flow of energy, in which money is just a medium of exchange. It is a statement of perceived value. There are, of course, other ways to communicate value, but money is one of them.

If our projects do not have money, we will be unable to get them out to as large of an audience — or, at the very worst, we will be unable to continue doing our work. This makes dealing with money a central issue of importance.

My tip for those of you who struggle with money — especially when you’re asking for money for yourself or your services — is to switch mindsets from selling to people to serving people. In other words, if you know you have something that can help others, why would you not let them know it is available to them? You might have heard this language before but have not really understood what it is about. I suggest you spend some time thinking about how you can better serve people by letting them know what you have to offer.


Money is Not the #1 Motivator

Do you know what the number-one reason is that people leave a job? It’s not the pay. It’s the relationships — or the lack of good ones — particularly with their superiors.

You might think that, with the changes in the economy, people might start thinking about the money first. However, this is not the case. This means it is more important than ever not just to pay your employees well, but to know how to make and keep them happy.

To do this, we need to know how to be good leaders of our businesses. How to communicate, delegate, problem-solve and bring out the brilliance of our team. Here are some important skills.

Communicate: Leaders need to know how to get difficult points across, listen effectively, and show appreciation.

Delegate: Leaders need to know how to give the people they are working with tasks and the power and tools needed to complete those tasks.

Problem Solve: Leaders need to be able to see the big picture and find solutions that are in everyone’s best interest.

Brilliance: Leaders need to know how to give members of their team the license to express their creativity, make mistakes to try for a better outcome, and give them the respect they deserve.

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