\”But, that is just who i am!\” is one of the most limiting statements ever uttered!

If someone would like to ensure that nothing ever changes, then this is definitely the way they want to go. What if you never needed to utter those words? What if, instead, you were able to say, \”THIS is who I am.\”, claiming your own excellence and ability to be the person you know you are deep inside.

Think of it this way. What if every great hero from the stories you love decided they were their smaller rather than larger selves? They would be pretty short, pretty uninspiring stories, right? I am not saying the hero doesn\’t face an internal conflict as he or she sets out on his or her journey. I am just saying that, if they sat down and said, \”This is just who I am,\” and never got back up, then… that\’s a pretty short story.

But we do this to ourselves all the time. We identify with our limited selves. We believe the story that this is just who we are. So we stop growing, learning, transforming and — one way or another — we fall prey to the dark side. Apathy, depression, and despair swallow us up.

Fulfillment relies on our willingness to believe we can be more — and that others might be more, too. It requires us to take a journey from our limited selves and face the doubts and fears that are in the way of our brilliance. It is truly the most fabulous journey we can take.

by Dr. Kate Siner