Are you into astrology? If you are you know that we are are going through something called a grand cross and this @#@$&$^ is really intense. 

One of the features of this particular experience is the burning away of  anything that doesn’t serve us. Whether or not you believe in astrology you can definitely relate to this experience. You know those points in time when every day that you wake up it seems like something else is getting screwed up!


It takes time to see that your troubles are bringing you much closer to where you truly want and need to be. Sometimes it is downright impossible. Still we want to move things along, we want to live our lives, and have that positive impact.

I am going to cut to the chase. Nothing is wrong. Nothing can be wrong. Even when it hurts it is still perfect. The real challenge is figuring out how to get ourselves to this place when it feels like the walls are falling down around you.  And the first trick is to realize that everything is OK.

 When we move out of panic, we can start to see that there is a divine order to everything. Even in the things that seem ominous and challenging.


Surrender: It is impossible to see that all is well if you are unwilling to surrender to the situation.  What is needs to be accepted just the way it is. When we fight with or deny life we create a negative attachment  and this perpetuates the feelings that something is wrong.


Affirmation: One of the ways to recognize that everything is perfect is to affirm the best in yourself, others and the situation.


Confirmation: Look for proof that things are working well rather than confirmation that they are not. In many ways, what we experience and therefore what we might feel is the result of what we pay attention to. 

by Dr. Kate Siner