Along with self-care, the idea of “what we deserve” can be riddled with entitlement. However, what it basically means is that we are willing to take in the same amount that we put out -that we are willing to create balance and health in our lives.

Let’s take a moment to tune in and pay attention to what is going on inside of us.

What are you rationalizing, making excuses for, and in general tolerating in your life because you really want something and are willing to get a fraction of it because somewhere deep inside you believe that might be the best you are going to get?

Or, maybe, it does not even get that conscious. Maybe you just settle before even becoming aware of it.

So, let’s wake up. Life is truly to short to be anything less than our full and fabulous selves. It is not a matter of entitlement. It is a matter of stewardship. Ultimately, what serves this life that you are living –what affirms it.

Move in that direction every chance you get. It is a recipe for fulfillment and success.

by Dr. Kate Siner