Here is the last of my \”Dirty Little Success Secrets\”! Thanks to the many who wrote me personally to say that you enjoyed these posts.  I always love hearing your feedback!

Dirty Little Success Secret #6 – No Such Thing As A Happy Pill
I don’t like to talk about the fact that I have struggled with depression because there is so much stigma around it. People on one level still believe that you can just pull yourself out of a depression. I have definitely felt that way in the past, given myself a hard time for not being able to just shrug off its effects. But the fact is that depression is an illness and just like many other illnesses some of us are born with it built into our genes.

I teach about fulfillment. Is it could be easy to judge me for being on an antidepressant.  Maybe I am just as positive as I am because I am drugged? I am sure someone reading this believes that. This is a majorly misinformed opinion but one I face regularly.

How has depression helped me be more successful? Depression is not who I am. It is a part of my experience. When I talk about healing yourself, I am not talking from a textbook. I am talking from experience. Each person needs something different to heal. No pill will fix you. It is much more complex than that.  But the best guide knows the land.  Depression like the other challenges I have faced in my life helps me be able to help others in a profound way.

Your difficulties become your greatest assets.  Whatever you are struggling with – today, in this very moment – has the potential to be what brings your life the most depth, strength and character.  What is vital is getting the outside support that helps manifest your transformation.

by Dr. Kate Siner