The key to becoming more spiritually awakened is rooted in the ability to operate at a higher frequency. As vague as this may sound, it is shorthand for an actual experience. It includes our behaviors, our emotions, the way we feel in our body, the thoughts that frequent our mind, our ability to connect to our spiritual resources, and our comprehension and embodiment of our spiritual truths.

While spiritual breakthroughs can happen in a seemingly random way, the path of spiritual awakening is one of intention. Without intention our path forward will be much slower … if we move forward much at all.

Intention is critical to our spiritual awakening because:

· Clarifying our intention helps us act in ways that are in alignment with our spiritual ideals.

· It helps us navigate the sometimes intense and confusing emotions we’ll encounter on our path.

· We’ll more easily clear lower and negative energies from our body via a clear sense of what we want versus what we’ve been tolerating.

· It encourages us to practice our spirituality in ways that best serve us.

· The very act of setting an intention to connect to our spiritual resources is exactly what opens up the connection and contact to our spiritual resources.

· Our intention to understand ourselves and life more deeply guides our seeking and helps us comprehend the unveiled spiritual truths that have guided people throughout time.

Wherever you find yourself on your spiritual path, take a moment here at the beginning of 2018 and clarify what your intentions are for your life in general and in your spiritual development specifically. Take a moment to write your intentions down so that this time next year, you can benefit from the year-long proof that setting a positive intention to aid your spiritual awakening works.

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