Do you know how to revive yourself spiritually? If you are feeling depleted, you might be feeling disconnected and disempowered. Moving on from a state of disconnection and disempowerment is easiest when you have treated yourself well during your times of connection and empowerment. It is simple matter of learning the tricks – like how to revive yourself spiritually – and practicing them, so they are ready to go when you need them.

There are many ways to revive yourself when you are feeling depleted, but taking the spiritual route is one of my favorites. Connecting with your spirituality allows you to quickly access a strong, internal power source and bring your focus to what is most important for you. Strengthening this direct line to your inner core is a great way to decrease your “revival time” when you are feeling depleted.

It is important to remember that spirituality is a process more than a goal. Sometimes, even if you know how to revive yourself spirituality, the reality of feeling totally depleted and overwhelmed can make it hard to put this into action. If you find yourself in such a situation, try these easy steps to revive yourself spiritually, even when you’re feeling totally depleted.

Pause: Even on the day-to-day, it is virtually impossible to connect in a deeper way when each moment is filled with activity or our minds are filled with constant clutter. When we become really depleted, this activity and clutter can become so overwhelming that we become unable to make good decisions. The best thing we can do is hit the pause button. If you are doing too much – stop. Take a day, an hour, or even 5 minutes off. The longer the better. If your mind is racing – stop. Use prayer, meditation, or even self-hypnosis to give yourself a break from yourself. P.S. Do yourself the favor of not believing the lie that you “can’t afford to pause.”

Breathe: It has been scientifically proven that changing our breathing helps us relax. Relaxation –the movement out of our usual readiness for fight or flight—is essential to our having higher level experiences, such as spiritual ones. By remembering our breath, we are that much more likely to benefit from the pauses that we take. Yogic practices show us that we can use the breath to move energy and open certain centers of the body. This can help us reconnect with our spiritual sense of things, opening our access to this internal power source.

Do something small: It can seem like a drop in the bucket, but if we are longing for spiritual connection, we benefit from doing something right in that moment. Too often we get preoccupied with chasing larger spiritual experiences and forget that every little thing we do is helpful. Put up a picture that reminds you of your spiritual connection, say a quick prayer, or read something inspiring. It does not matter what it is, but only that you do it. Then keep at it as much as you can. These small efforts compound into large pushes in your spiritual development.

Reconnecting with your spiritual self is a challenge in and of itself, but the work pays off when you know how to revive yourself spiritually, even when you feel completely depleted. By practicing pausing, breathing, and doing something small to connect with your spirituality, you will strengthen this connection, preparing you for a final step:

Start or resume your daily practice: If you are recovering from a period of being off-track or down, the first thing that I recommend that you add back into your life is your daily practice. We’re talking the cornerstone of your spiritual connection. This can be prayer, meditation, attending service, or whatever feels right to you. It is best if you do not make it too long and complicated, especially at first. Try starting with 5 minutes each day. Better to tackle 5 minutes than to plan for 1 hour and not get anything done at all. Little steps are still steps in the right direction!

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