I recently got to take part in an amazing relationship workshop with Caroline Myss at Omega. Below is a selection from her online library which I absolutely recommend you check out here.

Creative Expression

Many people take the very limited view that creativity refers only to the arts, sciences and other noble pursuits. Creative expression is not only alive in our major projects, but also present in the normal course of everyday life — how we organize our work space or our home, how we prepare our meals, or even how we structure our time.

Creativity is having ideas that we bring into physical form and as part of this process, everyone of us is given unique creative potentials. What is crucial to remember here is that your contribution will not look like anyone else\’s – you can be inspired by others but when it comes to true creative expression there is no such thing as duplication.

The center of creative expression in the body is second chakra because every person\’s energetic body is designed to give birth. However the creative process incarnates through your energetic system by traveling through each and every chakra. Along the way, creativity can be blocked in any of your energetic centers.

Common Blocks to Creativity

  • Deep rooted fears related to self-esteem and failure: \”It would never work.\”
  • Lack of courage to take financial or emotional risks, or withstand criticism from others.
  • Destructive imaginary dialogues with friends, family and co-workers: \”My dad will think I\’m nuts if I try this.\” Fears about energy and health demands, or the changes in your life that might be required.
  • Reluctance to take on the responsibility of seeing a creative idea to fruition.

Creativity begins as a simple notion; if the notion takes hold, it becomes a bona fide \”idea.\” It is at this point that you begin to strategize–the who, what, where, why, and how questions. Excessive strategizing can weigh the idea down, literally drowning your creativity. Once past the details, you\’ll find yourself dealing with self-doubt: \”Can I really do this?\” \”Do I have what it takes?\”

In addition to internal issues, creativity faces external pressures. The outside world will challenge the strength of your inner vision: \”What, are you nuts?\” \”Do you have any idea the risk you are taking?\” In order to forge ahead, your heart\’s energy must be fully engaged in supporting your creative vision.

Up until this point, it\’s all been theory. Now you must examine whether or not you\’ve got the guts to put your \”money\” where your mouth is: Sign up for the class, apply for that business loan, even something as basic as purchasing the wallpaper for your home office. Take the necessary physical steps to put your \”idea\” into action. As you do, new issues may arise, such as jealousy, competition, control, decision-making, money, trust, and the urge to give up. As you begin your new creative adventures, keep in mind that archetypal patterns of behavior can influence their direction. See if you can identify some of the more common patterns in your life.

BY Caroline Myss