We’ve all been there…that notorious, stubborn-as-hell CREATIVE BLOCK. Whether it’s coming up with a new brand design, a new product for your business, or writing content for your event… not all of us are the Steve Jobs’ and Suzanne Evans’ of the world who have grandeur ideas coming out their ears… and constantly! It can be frustrating and challenging to always be “on” and continually have new and fresh ideas coming, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck.

I have four awesome ways to bust down that creative block and get you back to flow with the creativity and ideas for your business and design.

Creative Block Buster #1: Question Everything.
What are you stuck on? Is it a new product you’re trying to get out the door? Or maybe a new branding for a service you’re offering? Whatever it is you have to ask all the questions around it. For example, say you’re creating a new product for your clients, ask yourself: Will this be a digital or physical product? How many nuggets of information do I want to include? Will I cover one specific subject or many? Write it all down. Doing this, no matter what it is you’re creating or designing, will really start to break down that wall and get you out of feeling stuck.

Creative Block Buster #2: Reverse Engineering
Sometimes it’s easier to start with the end product or idea and build out the “how do we do this” parts. We actually did this with Suzanne and Larry Winget’s event, Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Make Money! Suzanne had an awesome idea to “American Idolize” the registration process and we knew what they’d get at the end of the process but we weren’t quite sure how to do it. So, we thought about the end product and started putting the pieces together backwards. It really got us out of the box and helped the ideas flow.

Creative Block Buster #3: Take a Break and GET OUT
I know what you’re thinking…that seems counterproductive? Well it simply isn’t. Sometimes getting out of your “zone” really helps get the creativity and idea brainstorm flowing. Pick a place that you like and really enjoy visiting. It could be a park, or the mall, an art gallery, or even a friend’s house. Go there and then just hang out, take it in, get your mind of work a little, and start looking for things that really inspire you in that space. Trust me, something will watch your eye and Voila! You’ll have solved your creative problem and be back in business!

Creative Block Buster #4: Bounce.
Get out of your head and bounce. Bounce ideas off of someone, it could be a coworker, business partner, friend, or spouse…but whoever it is make sure they support you in your success and that they will be upfront and honest with you in giving feedback. This is a great way for someone to give you a different perspective if you’re stuck. You could be mulling an idea over and over in your mind and not moving forward and all you need it someone to say, “Well, what if you tried this?”

Happy Block Busting!

reblogged from Suzanne Evans

by Britni Hanely